Merge or concatenate pdf files

* Note only pdf files (.pdf) accepted and maximum total file size of 10 GB

This tool is used to combine or merge up to three pdf files (.pdf). The tool is not suitable for pdf files (.pdf)
that have password protection. Please remove password protection from your pdf files (.pdf) in order to get
expected results. This is the most efficient,simple and fast pdf file converter available for free online.
The tool does not require you to download software except your merge pdf files (.pdf). We don't keep your pdf files
in our server they are automatically deleted. Alternatively you can manually delete your pdf files from our server by
clicking delete pdf files link after done downloading your merge pdf file. Continue below if you agree to you use the tool
or exit the site. You can contact us if you have some queries using the form at the bottom of the page.

Instructions to merge pdf files;

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