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Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting or advertising the product mostly through websites, social media, and email. The product is display on the website in the form of banner, link, search engine, popup & pop under blocker. The Publisher (website owner) post or publish the ad on the website and get rewarded for each sale, click, lead made on his or her website. The Affiliate Network (act as an intermediary between the product owner and Publisher) provide products to the Publisher that need to be promoted. The Affiliate Network and Publisher are rewarded based on the revenue model such as;

3 Steps to join affiliate marketing
Step 1
Join the affiliate network and create your free account. The following list represents number of affiliate networks available please click to join;

For more information on how to create free account please send me an email on

Step 2
Once you created an account in step 1 select the product you want to promote from the list of available products. In some cases, you will need to wait for the approval of your selected product from your Affiliate Manager. Once the product approved then you will have options to access HTML code, JavaScript etc. for email links, text links, image banners and many more. Copy the code you selected and paste it on your website, social media, email etc. Each time the customer clicks, make purchase and sign up based on the ad you posted on your website, social media, email etc. you get paid.

Step 3
After you created account in step 1 and copy programming codes (HTML or JavaScript codes) in step 2 then it is time to promote your website or links. You can promote your website or links through;

  • Social Media - post your links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) - website visible in search engines
  • Email marketing - send your links to the group of people using email
  • Google Ads - promote your website on paid platforms such as google ads

  • For more information please send me an email on

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